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For centuries, stories of Guru Nanak have enriched the lives of every generation. Born in 1469 in a small village in undivided India, Guru Nanak amazed his teachers, wrote poetry, and questioned rituals. He traveled far and wide to spread the message that the Divine Light is in all and that the Light is the same. He became a great spiritual teacher, a rebel of his time, saying that there was no difference between Hindus and Muslims, that women and men were equal, and that the traditional caste system should be ignored. He urged people to meditate and connect with their divinity, earn honestly and share their wealth. His teachings from the core of the Sikh faith, the world’s fifth largest religion today.

This bilingual book forms part of a series of value-based stories for children based on the life and teachings of the Sikh Gurus. In twelve magnificently illustrated chapters, acclaimed storyteller Inni Kaur brings Guru Nanak’s message of oneness in creation, equality, justice and compassion to readers young and old.

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